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June 26, 2019

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Cedar City,UT,

Member Since:

Jun 21, 2011



Goal Type:


Running Accomplishments:

800m- 2:23

1 Mile- 5:12


XC 3 mile-17:55

XC 5k- 19:00

XC 6k- 22:25

Local 10k- 41:31

Local 15k- 1:03:55

6th place in 3200m at State 2015 (UT)

60% (5 miles)- 32:32 (6:30 average)

80% (3 miles)- 18:52 (6:17 average)

16x400s- 82.0 average

20x400s- 82.6 average

Road Race- 23:30 (3.9 miles/6:02 average)

Short-Term Running Goals:

18:30 5k

5:10 mile

Run a half marathon

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run a marathon


I have run collegiately for Southern Utah University for 2.5 years. I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Independence, Missouri.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 11.50 Month: 91.40 Year: 649.88
Adidas Distancestar Spikes Lifetime Miles: 3.00
Adidas Boston 7 Lifetime Miles: 133.90
Total Distance

Awesome workout today! Iíve realized that I need to be more positive about things and make note of when I have good days, too. Today was definitely one of those days. Iím so pumped!

Started with warmups and 3 miles warmup, then strides. Workout was 5x500s for the 800/1500 group. Iím actually really happy Iím in this group because Iíve forgotten what it feels like to go fast and Iím starting to remember and get back into the groove of it. Goal pace for the 400 split on them was 74-80, I forgot the full 500 goal pace. I was just focusing on the 400 splits because thatís what Iím familiar with haha. I hit:

500 time (400 split)

1) 93 (74)

2) 94 (76)

3) 96 (76)

4) 98 (77)

5) 100 (79)

Averages out to 96 (76). Coach yelled out to me as we were cooling down that last year in this workout I averaged 103. I didnít realize how much Iíve improved since then, Iím so pumped! 100 is 5:20 pace, itís crazy that I hit every one of them, even the last one when I was dead, at 5:20 pace or under. Iíve had a mental barrier at a 5:20 mile. It kind of felt like a dream rather than a real goal. To get back and running that fast... thatís seemed crazy to me. Itís been 4 years since Iíve been able to. But now... well, I just ran faster than that pace this workout and I feel like I couldíve run faster if I wouldíve pushed myself harder on those last ones. Iíve got to get used to running fast, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and getting my feet going.

Iím going to Weber State this weekend and Iím actually really nervous but excited. Because now itís not just a far-fetched goal to break 5:20, what if I can actually do it? I havenít really believed that I will, but now... maybe I actually can. If I can get myself into gear and push myself to hurt rather than stay relaxed. Granted itís a mile and not 500 meters, but Iíve learned the pace and I know I can do it. I can hold it.

Coach said afterwards that if I can get a few races under my belt, Iíll be back and running like I used to. Iím excited because I think thatís true. I just want to PR so bad. To break 5:10 in the mile, that was a goal I had my senior year of high school that I missed by less than a second. And then itís always been my dream to break 5:00. And maybe I actually can within the next couple of years. That would be so amazing.

Also, when I asked Coach today the likelihood of him having to cut my scholarship, he said not likely. I was so surprised, by the way heíd been talking during Cross and the sheer number of times heís asked me to reconsider my options, see if this was really what I wanted to do, and the fact that he was almost going to cut me from the team this year, I just assumed it was going to be lowered no matter what. It helped me to relax and just focus on myself rather than trying to prove to Coach I was good enough, and maybe that was the secret all along. Iím just pumped to see how far Iíve come and the direction Iím going. Maybe now I can accomplish my dreams and be a useful player. In the last meeting I had with Coach before this, heíd said almost to himself ďif we can get you back and running as fast as you did in high school...that would be a crazy story.Ē I want to make that a reality.

Cooled down to 9. Weights and rehab. 3x25 crunches, 3x10 pushups.

HR 52

Adidas Boston 6 VI Miles: 9.00
Night Sleep Time: 7.50Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 7.50
From Eva Splaine on Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 02:33:07 from

Good luck this weekend. I will be cheering for you!!!

It is a mile and not 500m, so just remember "DON'T SLOW DOWN" once you allow yourself to slow down, your body won't want to go fast again. So no matter how bad it hurts, just keep the pace. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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