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Cedar City,UT,

Member Since:

Jun 21, 2011



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

High School

800m-2:23.47 (Pine View Invitational)

1600m-5:12.39 (Pine View Invitational)

1 Mile- 5:12.97 (Arcadia Invitational-5:10 1600m split)

3200m-11:08.34-altitude (Utah 4A State Championships), 11:03.68-sea level (Arcadia Invitational)

XC 3 mile- 18:42

XC 5k- 19:37


XC 5k- 19:00 (UNLV Invite)

XC 6k- 22:25 (UC Riverside - 17:55 3 mile split)

SUU Road Race (4 miles)- 23:30

Local Road Races

5k- 18:40



Short-Term Running Goals:

18:00 5k

5:10 mile

Long-Term Running Goals:

17:30 5k

5:00 Mile

Go to Nationals

Run a marathon (after college)


Junior at SUU majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Psychology. Served an LDS mission in Independence, Missouri. Planning on graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Spring 2020. May or may not take out my 5th year of eligibility, we’ll see how running is going and what life brings

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 26.50 Month: 101.50 Year: 101.50
Nike Flats Lifetime Miles: 50.00
Nike Spikes Lifetime Miles: 10.35
Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Lifetime Miles: 551.05
Adidas Boston 6 II Lifetime Miles: 607.21
Adidas Boston 6 III Lifetime Miles: 477.75
Adidas Boston 6 IV Lifetime Miles: 410.47
Adidas Boston 6 V Lifetime Miles: 474.41
Adidas Boston 6 VI Lifetime Miles: 332.84
Adidas Distancestar Spikes Lifetime Miles: 1.00
Total Distance
Adidas Boston 6 II Miles: 6.00
Night Sleep Time: 46.50Nap Time: 2.50Total Sleep Time: 49.00
Total Distance

Hopes weren't very high today, but I was pleasantly surprised. Hip hurt before I started and I was sure I wouldn't be able to run. Nate had me heat, it started throbbing after that and I was like oh no. But I decided I'd try running a lap and if it was okay I'd keep going. Did a lap and it was alright. Mile in it was borderline, but I kept going. After two miles pain hadn't increased at all and running felt good, but I didn't want to jump back into too many miles. I'd rather ease back into it, adding a mile a day or something. Will have to stay flat I think, just did all of today's on the track. I'll try 3 tomorrow. Pain increased as soon as I stopped, so as long as it's continuous running I can do it.

Weights: Can't do SL RDLs anymore, lifting up leg attached to injured hip is too painful. So, my workout was modified even more. 5x6 SL squats, 5x8 green band pull downs, 5x8 DB presses, 5x8 weird hamstring stretches. Then did shoulder taps, planked one minute, 100 crunches and 30 each side crunches.

Talked to Coach again today, have been stressing myself out about a few things. I've been focusing on and worrying about the wrong things and it's been discouraging me and making me feel like I'm failing at running haha. But after talking with Coach I have some new goals to shoot for that seem much more manageable. I've also been worrying about my current performance much more than I realized, I have some track times to shoot for and really just need to prepare myself for track season. Track is my strength, always has been, so if I put in the effort and take care of myself then my times will come down.

Pool: 7 sets of 3 min @ 80% with 2 minutes recovery between each. Last two were at 100%. Good workout.

Adidas Boston 6 II Miles: 2.00
Night Sleep Time: 6.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 6.00
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Patrick wouldn't let me run today, probably smart. Hip felt better this morning though. Did some strengthening exercises, one of them hurt my hip too much so I stopped after 5 reps. Added another one though because that movement was okay. Then tried out biking, it was alright. Felt it tighten up towards the end but it wasn't the same pain, more like it was just working. So I think it's fine to bike. Went 5 miles (the equivalent of 25 minutes). Stationary bikes have been upgraded since my freshman year, plus we're getting a new weight room and have an updated sponsorship with Adidas that includes shoes, so that's pretty sweet. 

Pool: Warmup 5-10 minutes, 20 minutes @ 80%, 10 minutes @ 60%, 10 minutes @ 80%. No recovery. 5-10 minutes cool down. I'm exhausted from today. Plus legs are actually feeling the pool workout, odd. I guess it's still pretty similar to running and I did work hard. 

Night Sleep Time: 8.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.00
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Exercises again this morning, then biked 5 miles.

Weights: 4x8 body weight lifts to bar, 4x10 SL squats with 12 lb med ball, 4x10 hamstring stretches, 4x10 DB presses (12.5 lb). Hip stretches, then 30 sec side planks, 30 shoulder taps, 70 crunches.

Pool: 7x 5 minutes at 80%, 6 minutes at 60%. I'm exhausted.

Night Sleep Time: 6.50Nap Time: 1.50Total Sleep Time: 8.00
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No morning practice, I took the time to finish my Biomechanics lab write-up. Looks like I might actually have some free time later today! Stoked. Might have to lower my work hours because my time is very limited as it is.

Went into the training room right before class, did some exercises. Glute was hurting more today.

Pool: It was just me and Jake, workout was an easy 45 minutes. 'Twas a good time!

Night Sleep Time: 8.50Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 8.50
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Taking today off due to wisdom teeth removal. Nate wanted me to start taking ibuprofen for my glute and I just got prescribed 800mg so I can kill two birds with one stone.

On a totally unrelated note, The Score just came out with their new album today and it's AMAZING. Let this post be proof that I found them before they were famous. If you like Imagine Dragons you should check these guys out. Who am I kidding though, no one reads this.

Night Sleep Time: 8.50Nap Time: 1.00Total Sleep Time: 9.50
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Was itching to run, I'm getting a bit tired of only doing pool workouts and biking. Glute wasn't hurting at all this morning, maybe the ibuprofen's doing? Decided to try running despite the voice in my head telling me it might be a stupid thing to do. Hurt when I began then eased after a little while. It warmed up real good and I barely felt it the last 2 miles. Uphill still hurts but if I slow down on the hills and don't open up my stride it's fine. I was just happy to get out and run. We'll see how it feels the rest of the day, but as of right now it's feeling great. 7:48 average.

Adidas Boston 6 II Miles: 4.00
Night Sleep Time: 9.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.00
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Total Distance
Adidas Boston 6 II Miles: 6.00
Night Sleep Time: 46.50Nap Time: 2.50Total Sleep Time: 49.00
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