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Foot Locker 2011

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Cedar City,UT,

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Jun 21, 2011



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NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

High School

800m-2:23.47 (Pine View Invitational)

1600m-5:12.39 (Pine View Invitational)

1 Mile- 5:12.97 (Arcadia Invitational-sea level)

3200m-11:08.34-altitude (Utah 4A State Championships), 11:03.68-sea level (Arcadia Invitational)

XC 3 mile- 18:42

XC 5k- 19:37


XC 5k- 19:00 (UNLV Invite)

XC 6k- 22:25 (UC Riverside)

SUU Road Race (4 miles)- 23:30

Local Road Races

5k- 18:40



Short-Term Running Goals:

18:00 5k

5:10 mile

Long-Term Running Goals:

17:30 5k

5:00 Mile

Go to Nationals

Run a marathon (after college)


I run for SUU and I'm going into my third year. I took a year off between my first and second years to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Independence, Missouri. NCAA eligibility-wise I’m a redshirt sophomore and I’m majoring in Exercise Science.

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Miles:This week: 8.00 Month: 103.50 Year: 1211.72
Flats Lifetime Miles: 50.00
Spikes Lifetime Miles: 10.35
Adidas Adizero Boston 6 Lifetime Miles: 551.05
Adidas Boston 6 II Lifetime Miles: 607.21
Adidas Boston 6 III Lifetime Miles: 477.75
Adidas Boston 6 IV Lifetime Miles: 410.47
Adidas Boston 6 V Lifetime Miles: 248.25
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So today was a track day, so we did the track stuff first. We ran to the track, ran 2 laps around the track, and did some circuits. we did the walk out and back in and twist things, jump squats, strides, lunges up a hill, strides up a hill, and burpies. yep i was not feeling it. My knees were hurting me soooooo bad! I just tried to get through the workout. It felt like I was out of shape, which I guess I was. I didn't run on thursday-sunday. (I never run on sundays so ya.) Sarah Bischoff told me that it could be my quads and that they get weak way fast when you don't run and they hold your knee caps in place or something like that so it probably is that. She said wall sits should help. Bill just told me to take ibuprofen and an ice bath, so I'll see how that goes. I hope I will be okay for footlocker. (Only 2 more days!!! yay!!! I am soooooo excited beyond belief! I plan to get top 30 or better in my race, so we'll see how it goes!) So for the run I ran 20 minutes with Sarah, Abigail, Patrick, and Kevin. It was killer for my knees!! Man I am never gonna do that again. that was stupid of me. :( I just hope that it didn't screw up footlocker too bad. I'll work my hardest the next 2 days to see if that will be enough. I'm mad at myself now. grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! whatever I will get 1st place!!!! jk i don't know if that'll be possible. yes it will! no it won't. I'm kinda at war with myself right now. I should definately try though!!! maybe I'll P. R. It seems like it's a tough race though so that's unlikely. I'll just do my best and hope something good happens! ya so I ran up to the track from the school to get my stuff, and that added another 1/2 mile to the 4 miles that Abigail told me we did. i am sooooo excited!!!!!!!!

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Today we drove to California for Foot Locker!!! We stopped in St. George and did a 4 mile run. I was feeling great  on the way out, but i had started earlier than the faster group so i was in front of them, and when they passed I started crashing. It sucked on the way back, but i never thought i would be glad to get back on the bus after the long drive, and it was about the half way point. but i survived! 

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today we checked out the course for the race tomorrow. It seems pretty hard, but honestly I was thinking it was gonna be so much harder. Im glad we walked it. we ran the last 1/2 mile, and im really glad we did! (I forgot my running shoes back at the hotel and i was wearing shoes that were not at all close to being meant for running) Then we went to the beach and it was so much fun! we made an A-hole and called it dopetopia and I ran all along the shore picking up seaweed for the outer wall of it. The tide was getting way high, and it was beginning to flood dopetopia. I ran probably more than a mile there, but I will just count it as 1. It ended up as 1 1/2 miles for the day.

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Race: Foot Locker 2011 (3.5 Miles) 00:23:37, Place overall: 131, Place in age division: 45
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So the race was today. I was not able to get a warm up in because we were the second race and we were almost late. I got on the starting line and did a few strides. In the race I was somewhat towards the front in the beginning. I crashed at the switchbacks and walked a tiny bit. I wish I didn't. I picked it up when I saw scott yelling at me at the bottom of poop-out hill. He was encouraging me and I got motivated again. I ran as hard as I could for the rest of the race knowing that a really long downhill awaited me. Bill was not there for most of it because he was running his own race, but right at the end he was there just before we turned to head onto the track, and lots of people were telling me to kick right then. I knew better. After state I was not gonna kick too soon again. I knew we still had the track to run, and I waited until I got on it. Then people were yelling at the girl running next to me and told her to start kicking, and i was scared she was gonna beat me, so I sprinted as fast as I could for the last 300 meters and passed 5 girls. It felt great!!! I was feeling really crappy and I noticed all of the people in front of me and thought my dreams were crushed until a guy asked me if i was a freshman and I said yes and he handed me a medal! I felt so good after that! The race sucked, but it was worth it! I ran a small cool down with Olivia and ended up with 4.5 miles. We went to disneyland after that and it was a party! we sang in the lines and I loved the rides!! it was a day to remember!

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